Only through trial and error can one bring the best of things out into the public. After a few years in the back burner and after a few years of gained experience we have finally decided that it was time to bring back this classic for the world to see once more. MuchoDoujins was one of the original projects that we ever made. It had a short run of two years back in 2013. Back then we were so new to hosting sites that we hosted this using a WAMP server on a computer in a basement with a fire extinguisher next to it just in case. The site grew and expanded to have thousands of users daily viewing thousands of series, but due to a situation which was out of our hands the entire site was lost to the oblivion that is an unraveled raid array.

Now thanks through some gained experience and some helpful spare hands, we are proud to bring you MuchoDoujins v3.0! We promise to bring you the best service possible in this new venture and we hope to see you all for a while!